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About Us

About Us

Bob’s Big Boards is a family run company created by Bob Doran and assisted by his family. The company was founded in the early 2000s when Bob Doran decided to take his love of wood to the next level and begin sharing his passion with others. Beginning with a portable mill, he started by wholesaling wood to other companies. As his passion for wood grew, he decided he would rather share his love of wood with everyone, and began selling directly to consumers.

Bob has been in the wood industry for over 50 years. He began working for Weyerhaeuser in Longview and retired after 46 years in 2011. He is familiar with most hardwoods and comes across rare woods as well. All trees are locally sourced in the Pacific Northwest and come mainly from the yards of people around the area, saving the wood from becoming chips or firewood.

The Process:

After sourcing the wood, it is brought home to our mill. We use a large band saw, lovingly referred to as Big Red, to cut the boards, and are able to cut up to 6 ft 1 in wide and 25 ft long. From there, the boards are left to air dry. Once we have the right moisture content of 40%, the lumber is placed into our dry kiln that has the ability to dry 4000 ft of wood at a time. After removing wood from the kiln, the boards are sent through either our 52 in wide Belt Sander or through our 42 in Plainer. At this point, the boards are ready for our showroom.

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